The new Folens Shop has arrived! 

If you had an account with us on our old shop, we've already set you up with a new one. If you haven't already received an email detailing how to log in, please contact

You can now place orders and find the information you need on the new Folens Shop:

  • For information about our new books and prices, please see the Retailers Price Files
  • To browse our titles and add them to your cart, view the Retailers Collection
  • To bulk upload an order using a .csv file, follow the instructions outlined below

If you face any difficulty, you can continue to place orders by sending an email to with your name, address, account number and PO number. 


Using a .csv file to upload an order

    1. Click on your Account icon in the top right of the screen.
      Picture of Homescreen with Account icon highlighted
    2. Switch to the 'My Cart' tab.
      Cart tab is highlighted
    3. Under 'Actions', select 'Upload' CSV file.
      Displays a drop-down menu labelled "Actions" which has an option to "Upload CSV File"
    4. Follow the instructions provided.
      Shows options to upload a csv file or copy and paste into a field
    5. Products will be added to your cart. A warning will display if an item is out of stock.
      Displays an image of a shopping cart populated with products. A warning message appears at the top.
    6. Follow the checkout process.